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About Us

Your optimized Intensive English Course is provided to you by a native English speaking tutor, who has over a decade of tutoring experience, whether it be with 'small to large classes of adult students' or in the individualized 'one on one' format.

The list of satisfied people who have been helped to improve their English language skills by enlarged lexicon and idiom, together with improved grammar abilitiy etc. includes:

  • Business leaders/owners  
  • Private people wishing to improve their chances for new jobs or when travelling  
  • High School and College students preparing for exams and assigments etc.  

Plus many High-level employees in several European companies needing more English language proficiency when dealing with their international clients and colleagues.

A further useful advantage for people of German mother tongue, is that your tutor is proficient in the German language and hence can assist you to learn English far quicker. This is due to that bilingual knowledge in many industrial fields and many finer points of both languages.

So don't hesitate to contact us and secure your course booking or make further enquiries.