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Customized English Language Tutoring

Welcome to your exclusive English language tutorial service registration website. Our business language services also include English speaking tutorials and follow-up course packages.

Personalized English
Language Tutoring

Customized to your needs

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Owing to coronavirus pandemic all English language tutoring classes have been suspended until further notice. Our thoughts go to those who have been affected by this pandemic.

If you have been directed to this site by an associate or previous participant of these personalized intensive English language courses, you now have the privilege to choose your preferred appointment week.

Simply click on the “Sign Up Now” button below and you can complete the registration easily and quickly. You will then be contacted to finalize the booking that suits you best.

If you have found this web site by online search for English language tutorial, you will find more information about our tutorials on the Tutoring page.

The available Course Week dates can be found on the Sign Up page. We would tell you to choose from the currently available course dates, but none is available at the moment owing to the pandemic scare.

We look forward to seeing you soon… 

Get personalized
language tutorial
Develop proficiency
in foreign langauge
Unique online accompaniment
package included

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The most
personalized language tutorial
in the Southern Alps.

Each secured week has only one student…

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Foreign language proficiency creates opportunities,
YOU can potentially
turn into an immediate
or a near future financial advantage.
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These courses include
a unique, Preparation and Follow-Up package.
This provides you with preparation and personalized tutoring to revise what was learned during the week of the intensive course.

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