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This is the Booking Request Form for those interested in attending our Intensive English Course. Please complete all fields marked with an *. Choose one or more of the Currently available Course Week dates and enter it/them in the field titled "Date" - see below. If the available dates don't suit your itinerary, contact us for more options. Should you experience any difficulties in sending this form, please contact us via email or telephone.


Booking Request Form
for an Intensive English Language Course

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Currently available Course Week dates for 2020:
Courses suspended due to virus pandemic


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Terms & Conditions
By submitting this form I understand that the Course Week preference/s that I have selected above is/are processed on a "first come, first served" basis, whereby I will be promptly informed which week I can secure as a final booking agreement. I will then need to transfer the deposit amount to the nominated bank account (the details of which will be faxed back to me with the available offer), to secure my booking. I also understand that my associated hotel booking, which will be arranged on my behalf, will need to be confirmed by me, directly with the hotel by email. I further understand that the hotel bill is to be paid by me (with cash, debit card, Mastercard or Visa) when I'm there, as this is a separate part of the Intensive English Course arrangement. Furthermore, upon completion of the course, I will be obligated to pay the balance of the course account within 2 weeks.

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